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Zoom FAQ

How will I be able to attend classes for the 2020 Virtual workshop? 

We will be operating our classes through the Zoom Meeting client. 

What do I need to work Zoom?

All you need is a device with a webcam and a reliable internet connection - this can be a laptop, desktop, iPad, or mobile phone. 


Do I need to pay for Zoom?

No! You will need to download the Zoom app with a valid email address, but that is pretty much it. 


How do I download Zoom?

If you go to, you will be able to download the free version of Zoom.


What if I have technical issues with Zoom during class? 

We will have monitors in each class who will be able to admit you back to the class link should you lose your connection and need to be readmitted. Those monitors will have some troubleshooting ability, but for serious technical issues, you will need to contact Zoom directly. Should your internet go out completely during the workshop, you will get a phone number to call to coordinate your options. Here is the Zoom Help Center Link

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