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2023 Historical Combat workshop

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Filipino Martial Arts Workshop: Pekiti Tirisia Kali

with Live Blade Kali

Kali is the indigenous combat system of the Philippines, tracing its origins to pre-colonial times and surviving into the modern era by being utilized as the primary fighting system against invading armies for over four centuries, even helping bring the Philippines their independence in 1898 and 1946. Kali has recently been made popular by such films as The Hunted, The Equalizer, The Bourne Identity, The Book of Eli, Dune, and more. 


Pekiti Tirsia Kali is world renown due to its effectiveness in real-world violence and combative encounters. PTK is based on the triangle and the blade, and focuses on strategy and tactics to effectively engage with armed multiple opponents. It is also a beautiful martial discipline that teaches high moral standards of character, integrity, wisdom, loyalty, honor, and respect.

This workshop will explore the fundamental concepts of PTK, and demonstrate how the material can be applied for self-defense and/or be integrated for film/theater. We will share elements of the indigenous warrior culture of Kali, yet also demonstrate what it is at its root: the expression of the human body through movement and motion.


PTK is based on geometry, calculus, and physics, so no matter the weapon system we cover, the concepts and theory remain the same. Meaning to say, even beginners with no experience will be able to follow, have fun, and learn something that will enrich their lives.

2022 Historical Combat workshop

The Claws of the Panther

with Da'mon Stith

We are living through a renaissance of Afrofuturist comics, cinema, video games, and countless other modes of powerful storytelling. The cultural moment that was for many ignited by Black Panther has brought new life and interest to a genre that is conservatively half a century old... and with that attention, a deeper appreciation for the action and heroic storytelling of historical Africa and the African diaspora has exploded into movie theatres and television.


This movement is giving us more and more works like Yasuke, The Woman King, and on its most cutting edge, Wakanda Forever. But where the most popular studios pay enormous attention to costuming, set design, casting, and an overall look, sound, and feel on the screen, the vast majority of these works fall behind in representing African martial arts.In this intensive we will delve deep into the traditional African warrior arts that inspired such works as Black Panther and The Woman King, and we will experiment on how to bring these artforms authentically to life on the stage, and screen.

2021's Historical Combat workshop: Renaissance Rumble! 

ren rumble 2.jpg

Behold, the Renaissance Rumble

One Day Pro Wrestling Intensive

This one day intensive will look at the over-the-top, absurd, and often misunderstood world of professional wrestling through the eyes of the actor combatant. All training will take place in a real 18 ft pro wrestling ring, so you will learn from the true experience of the pros.

An often forgotten and overlooked form of stage combat, professional wrestling holds a vast wealth of knowledge in safe and effective theatrical violence. This one day intensive will walk you through some of the basics of proper and safe pro wrestling technique. From a slick collar and elbow lockup to an impressive pinning combination to a powerful bodyslam, all have their place in the story of the match and will be excellent tools to add to your stage combat utility belt. In addition to the mechanical aspects of the ring, we will focus on the theatrical elements of the squared circle as well! Expand your stage presence to that of the Macho Man, cut down your opponent verbally like Jake “The Snake” Roberts, and sell the pain of that figure-four leglock reversal better than Ric Flair!


2019's Historical Combat workshop: Armored combat

jess finley image.jpg

Seek the Openings: Armored Combat with Spear,

Sword, and Dagger

with Jess Finley

Defeating well-made armor is a tricky requirement, especially as time passes and armor becomes more effective at covering openings in the opponent. Wearing armor and fighting in it has it’s own challenges, particularly to breath and sight. So how do we overcome someone who is so well protected? In this workshop we will study the application of fight principles to an armored combatant.  We will explore how wearing a full suit of armor changes our movement patterns and how to defeat that armor when presented with it by forcing our opponent to provide us with an opening to be exploited. We’ll begin with spear and sword, and then explore how to close distance safely in order to come to a position where victory can be achieved with the dagger.

2018's Historical Combat workshop: Capo Ferro

Jared Kirby - Friday Class.png

2017's Historical Combat workshop: Sword & Buckler

In 2017, we were extremely pleased to have Fight Master Todd Campbell of Fight Directors Canada on hand to share his insights into sword and buckler and his interpretations of Ms I:33

From Todd himself: 

The Royal Armories Ms. I.33, also known as the Tower Fechtbuch, is the oldest surviving European martial arts treatise known to exist. In its often cryptic pages are depicted a very sophisticated method of fighting with a sword and buckler. In the various plates and their accompanying text we see a Priest giving a lesson to his Scholar on advanced techniques for dealing with the ‘common’ sword and buckler fencer. 

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